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NIXIE clock on IN-12 tubes
Clock on gas-discharge indicators IN-12B. The kit can be used with a variety of case design. Perfectly fit into any interior.
Watch with alarm function NW-12 have the following features:

Design features
IN-12 lamps are installed via adapter pins for easy and safe lamp replacement.
The time of the clock is not reset during a power outage (the lamps are not working at this time).

Mode setting
Allows you to display the time in the format of 12 or 24 hours. Display / do not show an insignificant zero in hours.

If desired, you can enable or disable the night mode, which at night will lower the brightness of the lamps for a more comfortable perception.
To simulate old lamps, you can set the flicker modes.

For convenience, you can turn on the sound alert "every hour". With different volume during day and night. As well as several sound schemes for the alarm.

Manual (EN): NIXIE_Manual.pdf

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