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universal microprocessor metal detector
Metal detector "impulse 2 " is ideal for various kinds of searches. impulse2 has flexible settings, can be used to search for treasures, relics, meteorites, as a deep metal detector as well as for underwater search. The graphic LCD display is perfectly readable in the sun, and the backlight allows you to use impulse 2 in the dark and in low light conditions. Informative sound perfectly complements the search capabilities.
Supply voltage:11,1 Volt (3 х LiIon)
14,8 Volt (4 х LiIon)
12,0 Volt (Gel Battery or 10 x AA battery)
current consumption*:30 mA
Target detection range**:coin 25mm - 20 см.
tincan - 40 cm.
Large objects - about 1 m.
The size of the main board (pcb):4,55 cm X 5,4 cm
* - with the backlight turned off, without sound and pulse width 100
** - by air a coil with a diameter of 20 cm.
  • Two menu groups for quick and easy setup.

  • Adjustable coil pumping power for optimal search.

  • Intuitive interface

  • The choice of one of the four types of filters for better noise protection.

  • Adjustable brightness, contrast, and volume settings

  • Compact size

The minimum set includes: main board (pcb), LCD display, speaker and instructions.
It is only necessary to connect the battery and the coil - and you can start the search!

In addition to the above, the standard kit includes a case and connectors. You can also buy coils of various sizes.
Manual (EN): Pulse induction metal detector impulse2 operation manual.pdf

Coil for a metal detector: coil.pdf


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