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cool electronic gadgets
cool electronic gadgets and more ...

The presented devices are the embodiment of many years of ideas, and therefore, the approach to implementation was thoroughly thought out. The main principles are: quality, availability and maximum ease of use, while the cost of devices is very low.

Metal detector IMPULSE2
not for sale
21 $
Universal microprocessor metal detector for searching in various conditions.

Electronic lock
on sale
8 $
Access control system on iButton keys

Nixie clock on IN-12 tubes
under the order
39 $
clock in the style of "retro". Will ideally fit into any interior and will be suitable for a gift.

Geiger counter
under the order
59 $
compact metal case, a unique algorithm for counting and working of one finger-type (AA) battery.
and there is the development of various devices to order, help in creating interesting inventions, programming microcontrollers. Manufacturing of printed circuit boards, printing on a 3D printer, milling on a CNC machine and much more :)
Projects that are developing in parallel:

Data acquisition system.
Automatic data acquisition and transmission system via GSM. Many types of sensors allow you to use this system to monitor various processes. The compact size and the possibility of battery life will allow you to find a wide range of applications, such as:
- meteostation
- data counting system
- tracking of various technological processes

Signaling by radio
Compact module that helps protect property from theft. Can be used for the protection of premises, transport and hand luggage. Signaling to commit any actions or incidents.

Standalone event logger
Module embedded in other systems for recording various parameters:
- Device operation time
- Temperature or vibrations during transportation of certain goods
- Storage humidity, etc.

Metal detector with discrimination by type of metal.
Metal detector with discrimination by type of metal. The main focus of this metal detector is ease of use and low price. At the same time, the capabilities of the device are at the level of rather expensive models of famous brands..
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