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Geiger counter GC-1703
Geiger counter GC-1703 is designed to measure the radioactivity of various materials, monitor the natural background radiation and search for radioactive sources.
  • Work from one finger-type battery (AA)

  • ќabout 100 hours* of continuous work

  • Units of Measure - Roentgen or Sievert

  • Calculation of cumulative radiation dose

  • Contrast LCD screen with backlight

  • information output every second

  • Easy interface

  • Aluminum alloy body
The Geiger counter GC-1703 has three modes of operation:

Search (normal mode)
Designed to search for sources of radioactivity and analysis of the radioactive environment in real time. Uses intellectual counting mode, which regulates the measurement time depending on the number of pulses.

The mode in which you can set one of the threshold values of the readings. If the current measured value exceeds the threshold value, an audible alarm will sound.

It is mode more accurate compared to the УSEARCHФ and УALARMФ modes. Allows you to detect even small values of radioactivity, which may go unnoticed in other modes. However, it takes more time.

Manual: Geiger counter GC-1703.pdf

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